Tuesday, 29 December 2009

That's it for another year!!

31st of December 2009 will soon be here. A lot has happened this year. Lots of highs and far more lows than I would have wished for.

Website not doing well so have deleted it. Have a shop here :- http://www.thelittlebigshop.com/profile.php?user=Dragoncrafts01

So fingers crossed that will work out. And I am still toying with the idea of selling on E-bay, so watch this space!!!

So I am sending out HUGE best wishes to all my followers of this little blog, for 2010. I will try and blog more and read more blogs too!!!

Hugs & Kisses and here's to 2010 x x x x x x

Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Little Big Shop

The Little Big Shop is now open for business!!!

The site opened on 5th November 2009. So now you can join as a buyer or a seller, or both!!! Take a look at all that is on offer there, for your Xmas presents, maybe birthday presents or just a little something for yourself!!

Dragon Crafts is on there! Offering FREE UK P&P!! (shameless I know!!) :o)

See you on there!!!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Nitty Gritty

I have now bought and had this little God-send!!!

It was highly recommended on the crafts forum website, I had a good look at their own website, then wondered if I could get it cheaper on E-bay. Which I did, from this seller :


This little nit comb is **THE BEST** I have ever bought and used. Trust me, I have used everything out there! And spent £££'s!

This comb has longer, closer together teeth, which not only get the "walkers" it gets EVERYTHING else! Including the empty egg cases.

I urge everyone with kids, to buy this! (can you tell I love this comb!!)

Friday, 23 October 2009

New website coming soon

No it's not mine!!

You might have noticed a new badge on the left side of my blog. It's for a new website called www.thelittlebigshop.com They have had a lot of interest from buyers and sellers and plan to launch at the beginning of November.

Setting up a shop will be free if you sign up before November (Tell them I sent you!) There are no set up or listing fees. And will only charge up 10% for the Final Valuation Fee. That's only 10p in every pound. £1 in every £10.

Compare this to E-bay, with there shop's monthly fees of £14.99 then their listing fees and their final valuation fees.

With this new site, if you don't sell anything, then you don't pay anything. What is there to loose??

I for one, am going to give it a go, if it doesn't work out, then I have not lost a penny.

It's for selling everything, not just hand crafted items. So why not give it a go.

Sign up on their landing page as a buyer or seller. It could become very interesting!!! And maybe one day will give E-bay a run for it's money!!


Why oh why do my kids pick up all the bugs going???!!!!

My daughter who is 12, has had a really bad cough for weeks now. Because she coughs so hard, it takes her breath and then she ends up being sick. She's had 2 lots of antibiotics. Seemed to have gotten better then yesturday have the tummy bug, so another day off school. Today she went back not 100% and now has a week off, on half term to recover again.

My son is 4, had a tummy bug for a day here and there, but seems to be doing ok in avoiding the bugs in school.

My OH works away, had "man-flu" a few weeks back and only came home when he was over the worst of it.

Me.... well, touch wood .... I'm bug free .... for now!!!!!

Wishes peeps would keep all their bugs and germs and stop sharing!!!!

Rant over :o)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New items!

Hi guys :o) some pics of a few new items. They are not on the website yet, as I have a small local fair this weekend. So trying to say myself some time, will put them on the site if they don't sell. This bracelet has glossed pastal coloured fimo hearts in 2 sizes. Even the extended has a little silver coloured heart on the end of it!
Black plated toggle bracelet with silver plated heart charms (I do like hearts .... can't you tell!!)

Purple bling ring bag charm, or could be used as a keyring, on jeans etc!

I know that this photo does nothing for these 2 bracelets, they are so so much better when you can see them and hold them! They are actually Swarovski crystal stretch bracelets. Made from 50! yes 50!! bi-cones and 10 hearts. The left one is Fuchsia and the right one is Black Diamond.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Flying High!!!!

Hi all, not blogged for a while, as things came to a halt! But now with Xmas coming we seem to have found bits and pieces to do including small fairs.

Daughter went off today to Spain with my Aunty for a week. Was up at 5am this morning to take them to the airport. Looking at the time now 6.41am, they should have checked in and starting to get excited.

Daughter has had a really bad chest infection this last week, and has not been in school. But the bugs are doing the rounds now they are all back in school. Hopefully the warm weather will sort her out.

Not crafted much these last few weeks. But now supplies have arrived, working on bling bracelets for Xmas. Made totally from Swarovski Crystals, fingers crossed they work out ok. Also had another load of Fimo shapes that need, finishing off and glossing. So that's gonna keep us busy for the next week or so. As soon as I have pics of the finished items will post them on here.

Totally updated website. Lots of new pics on there.

That's all for now, nothing very exciting I'm afraid!

Take care all and thanks for reading x x