Monday, 22 June 2009

So sorry Terri!!!!!

I first have to say a HUGE sorry to Terri, as I promised to blog about her pendent WEEKS ago :o( So Terri, this is for you!!!!! LOL

This beautiful pendent was made by Terri, and I loved it so much when I saw it on I just had to buy it!!

It purple with silver inside. Terri made a few in this shape and a few in a heart shape. All were fab!

So if this pendent also catches your eye, you can get hold of Terri by E-mailing or her MISI store can be found on

Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely creations Terri x

1 comment:

Terri Lowe said...

Oh thank you very much! I'm so glad you like it! Its such a great feeling when people appreciate your work and I cannot thank you enough! hehe! x