Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More fun with Fimo!

Been a bit quiet these last few days. Updating website due to a busy weekend of selling. Adding a few new items to it. Also been busy on E-bay, listing more items, as I had left things run and was down to zero items active!! (welsh_lass_lost) if anyone is interested!!!

Pics are 2 bracelets using fimo beads.
Son has already finished nursey so have him home for exactly 8 WEEKS!!!! How will I cope!!! Never mind, come 4th Sept, he will be in full time school!! Daughter finished half day Friday, so no more early mornings for a while!!! Yipeeeee :o)
Since on the search for Craft Fairs, lucking out at the moment, everything seems to be too far away :o(

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