Monday, 22 June 2009

Great Ormand Street

Gina over at has put her fab creative skills into making badges for Great Ormand Street Hospital. She is selling them for only £2.69 each. And £1.00 of each badge sold is going to the hospital. Catch up with her blog by becoming a follower.

You can get your very own Doctor or Nurse badge at

While you are there why not have a look around her site, it's fab!!

Keep up the good work Gina :o)

So sorry Terri!!!!!

I first have to say a HUGE sorry to Terri, as I promised to blog about her pendent WEEKS ago :o( So Terri, this is for you!!!!! LOL

This beautiful pendent was made by Terri, and I loved it so much when I saw it on I just had to buy it!!

It purple with silver inside. Terri made a few in this shape and a few in a heart shape. All were fab!

So if this pendent also catches your eye, you can get hold of Terri by E-mailing or her MISI store can be found on

Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely creations Terri x

Sunday, 21 June 2009

We have been busy!!

Creative hands have been at work!!!
As I mentioned in my last post, we have the Scout & Guide Fete on the 4th July, and on the 5th July we have a craft fair. So are busy creating. Will have to split the stock as there is a family party on the saturday night and wont have time to make more!! (that is if it sells!!)
What a weekend that is going to be!!

Scout & Guide Fete

As we have the Scout & Guide Fete, in Barry South Wales coming up, we are making up smaller, less expensive items for the girls to buy at said fete (Fingers crossed) My daughter has been a Girl Guide for 3 years now and has enjoyed every minute of it. Hightlight of last year was the Big Gig, which is a big pop concert featuring loads of fab teenager bands. This year is being held in October at Wembly, and she is already buzzing with the excitement!!

Well, back the the fete. If any of you reading this, is local in South Wales, please come along. It is being held on Saturday 4th July 2009 at Romily Park, Barry, South Wales. Gates open at 12. It is £1.50 for an admission programme before the day, or £2.00 on the day at the gates. Children under 8 are free, and there is free car parking!

This year will be the 56th Annual Scout and Guide Fete. All money raised from the Fete goes directly towards the running of Scouting and Guiding in the local District. There is a lucky programme draw inside the programme booklet, which can be entered on the day. 1st prize is £250!!

It's usually a fab day, whatever the weather!! And this year Dragon Crafts will be there too!!!

So, back to the items being made, which includes the lovely babies and sweetheart charms shown above. We are making both necklaces and bracelets in both charms.

Friday, 19 June 2009


We now have sourced and made, "small sweetie" bracelets in colours of wales. i.e. red, white and green (the colours on our flag!) The small cubes have 3 layers in those colours. And also red & white and green & white. Also have tubes to match.

If this catches on we can source other colours to match other flags!

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Don't read any further, if you are going to see Take That on their Circus Tour, spoiler alert!!!!!

Last night, Wednesday 17th June 2009, my OH and I went to see Take That in Cardiff. And to say they were amazing, would be an understatement. They were OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!

We were very lucky where we picked to stand, as we were only about 10 feet away from the secondary stage. Which was where they started the show off from, and did about 5 songs here, including lots of water! Then they went onto the big main stage.

The boys were fantastic, did loads of old songs and a good mix of new ones too. And they can still dance their socks off! Although I still am a HUGE fan of Robbie Williams, they don't need him back, as they are still doing so well as a 4-piece.

Fab time was had and was really tired when we got back home, but so worth the wait! As the ticket was a Xmas present! 6 months is a long time to wait!!!!

Here's to the next time I get to see them live, and the next time ..... and the next!!!!!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Something for the summer

More fimo sets, this time something a little different, to bring back childhood memories! Twister lollies and flumps, although they can still be found in the shops in the edible versions!!!

Fimo Flowers

These fimo flower sets are ideal for young girls. As we have a Scout & Guide fete coming up at the beginning of July, we thought we would make these sets aimed at this market, and price them to fit in with the pocket money factor.

We now have these flower sets in Granite (Grey), Turquoise, Red, Deep Pink, Purple and Yellow. All the pendents are on 18" Silver plated Prince of Wales chains and the earrings are on Silver plated hooks. We also have studs available. The posts are again, Silver plated. Fingers crosssed they sell well :o)

Monday, 8 June 2009

LegoLand May 2009

Thomas the tank made from lego!!
The kids and Dum-Dum's!

The birthday boy

Timmy on location!

Sleepy head

The last weekend in May happens to be my little boy's birthday. He was 4 this year and we went to LegoLand! Me, the OH and 2 kids had a fantastic weekend. Here's a few pics to show you all what we got up to. The sun was shining, so much better than the weekend just gone!! LOL