Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Warren Mill Farm Park

Braved the weather today and took a chance on it! And it only rained as we were leaving!!
Kids and I went to Warren Mill Farm Park near Cowbridge, South Wales.

Really easy to find, off the A48 or just off junction 34 off the M4.
And for a change it was a cheap day out. £2 for adults and £1 for kids to get in. 30p per bag of animal feed and we took our own picnic!!
Kids had a great time, fed all animals that wanted it! Saw the usual sheep, pigs, goats, miniture ponies , hen & chickens, plus llama, chipmunks, rabbits, ducks etc.
Would suggest anyone in the area, or anyone visiting the area to visit. Pick a dry day, pull on the wellys, pack a picnic and set off!!!

Monday, 27 July 2009

3 fimo pendents

3 lovely fimo pendents. The 2 on each end are flat discs. The left one is blue and white and the right one is black and white. We did have a brown and white one, but that slod at the Guide Fete.
The central pendent is a solid fimo teardrop shape, in white pearly fimo, painted on front is the lovely pattern, in purple and lilac. With a crystal set into the middle.
All 3 pendents are on the website and will be on MISI soon.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rain .... Rain ..... & Sky!!!

Not a lot happening on the crafty front at the mo, as waiting for fimo charms to arrive from America in readyness for Halloween!!!!

But 2nd day of the kids summer holidays and its raining, and I mean RAINING!!!!! Such typical weather for July here in the UK!!

But on a positive note (ish!) Things are going well on E-bay and Sky are fitting the TV side of things today!! The phone goes on beginning of August and about 10 days after that the Broadband. So fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More fun with Fimo!

Been a bit quiet these last few days. Updating website due to a busy weekend of selling. Adding a few new items to it. Also been busy on E-bay, listing more items, as I had left things run and was down to zero items active!! (welsh_lass_lost) if anyone is interested!!!

Pics are 2 bracelets using fimo beads.
Son has already finished nursey so have him home for exactly 8 WEEKS!!!! How will I cope!!! Never mind, come 4th Sept, he will be in full time school!! Daughter finished half day Friday, so no more early mornings for a while!!! Yipeeeee :o)
Since on the search for Craft Fairs, lucking out at the moment, everything seems to be too far away :o(

Friday, 10 July 2009

Scout Fete July 2009

Not blogged for a while, as been really, really busy.
Pics are of the Scout & Guide Fete we did on 4/7/09. Had a fab day, did get a little wet though!! Went to another fair on 5/7/09 in Worchester. Didn't do aswell there. Think the variety was too much. Craft was in with collectables and bric a brac.
My youngest finished nursery today, so have him home for EIGHT WEEKS now!! What am I going to do with him!!!! LOL Sent him with a card for each of the teachers, with a bag charm inside as a present. Also popped in a business card with the website address on. Shameless I know!!!!!
Oh the joy of the summer holidays!!!