Monday, 21 September 2009

Calling all Sci-Fi Fans!!!!

If you are ever in Blackpool, or just fancy
a Sci-Fi trip, call into "WHO", 30 Coronation Street,
Blackpool, FY1 4PB.

This store is AMAZING! They stock all things
Sci-Fi, the layout of the store is fab. As you can see from
these photos, they have iconic figures dotted all
over the store. From the monsters in Monsters Inc,
Wall-E, Batman, Spiderman, Edward Cullan to Doctor Who

You will also find THE most friendly and knowledgeable staff, EVER! The store has 2 floors and I hear they are opening their own cinema in the near future. You can also check them out online. Find them at
Everything you can ever think of Sci-Fi related can be found in this shop, if not you will find it online, or they can get it for you. If not, it's not worth having!!
They even have a few display cabinets full of retro 80's action figures for sale. Just to stand and stare at this display, will bring back childhood memories!!
Can't wait to go back for another visit, when I'm next in Blackpool :o)

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