Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Flying High!!!!

Hi all, not blogged for a while, as things came to a halt! But now with Xmas coming we seem to have found bits and pieces to do including small fairs.

Daughter went off today to Spain with my Aunty for a week. Was up at 5am this morning to take them to the airport. Looking at the time now 6.41am, they should have checked in and starting to get excited.

Daughter has had a really bad chest infection this last week, and has not been in school. But the bugs are doing the rounds now they are all back in school. Hopefully the warm weather will sort her out.

Not crafted much these last few weeks. But now supplies have arrived, working on bling bracelets for Xmas. Made totally from Swarovski Crystals, fingers crossed they work out ok. Also had another load of Fimo shapes that need, finishing off and glossing. So that's gonna keep us busy for the next week or so. As soon as I have pics of the finished items will post them on here.

Totally updated website. Lots of new pics on there.

That's all for now, nothing very exciting I'm afraid!

Take care all and thanks for reading x x

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