Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New items!

Hi guys :o) some pics of a few new items. They are not on the website yet, as I have a small local fair this weekend. So trying to say myself some time, will put them on the site if they don't sell. This bracelet has glossed pastal coloured fimo hearts in 2 sizes. Even the extended has a little silver coloured heart on the end of it!
Black plated toggle bracelet with silver plated heart charms (I do like hearts .... can't you tell!!)

Purple bling ring bag charm, or could be used as a keyring, on jeans etc!

I know that this photo does nothing for these 2 bracelets, they are so so much better when you can see them and hold them! They are actually Swarovski crystal stretch bracelets. Made from 50! yes 50!! bi-cones and 10 hearts. The left one is Fuchsia and the right one is Black Diamond.

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