Friday, 23 October 2009


Why oh why do my kids pick up all the bugs going???!!!!

My daughter who is 12, has had a really bad cough for weeks now. Because she coughs so hard, it takes her breath and then she ends up being sick. She's had 2 lots of antibiotics. Seemed to have gotten better then yesturday have the tummy bug, so another day off school. Today she went back not 100% and now has a week off, on half term to recover again.

My son is 4, had a tummy bug for a day here and there, but seems to be doing ok in avoiding the bugs in school.

My OH works away, had "man-flu" a few weeks back and only came home when he was over the worst of it.

Me.... well, touch wood .... I'm bug free .... for now!!!!!

Wishes peeps would keep all their bugs and germs and stop sharing!!!!

Rant over :o)

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