Monday, 11 May 2009

Mum's Birthday

It was mum's birthday (sue) on Saturday, so spent a lovely day with her shopping, and having a good look round the shops. We met middle daughter when she finished work. My 4 year old son insisted Nanny needed a party, so on the way home we popped into the supermarket and stocked up on food and bits and of course Birthday cake.

Middle daughter then cooked us all a lovely tea, I knew she was good for somethings!!

Sunday was spent on an endless round of washing, drying and ironing.

Monday morning, with both kids back in school! Son went to nursery with his homework of a worm, with feathers for hair, big eyes, a red pom-pom for his nose and a purple pipecleaner smile. The teachers loved it!!

Off out this afternoon for a meal, as it is my Aunty's birthday. She will be having one of our stretch "sweetie" bracelets in black and bronze. Which is in the pic above!! (wrote this then uploaded pic, expecting it to appear below, but appeared on top!! Never mind!)


Helen said...

Sounds like a lovely birthday spent with your mum.

Hope your Auntie likes her bracelet, it's gorgeous!

kazzells said...

Just popped to say hello (got your blog from craft forum)......your bracelet is gorgeous I really like it