Friday, 22 May 2009

Stir Crazy!!!!

Had a quiet week, for a change! Mum has been going stir crazy as she's not been able to go any where far because she is still without a car, and it's got to a point now where she is going slightly mad!!!!

I took her the beads that came through the post, so she could start making bracelets and earrings out of them, so keep a look out for the new Welsh fimo bead bracelets coming soon!!

Half term is upon us and fingers crossed the weather will stay dry. Youngest will be having a birthday at the end of next week and we are off to Legoland!! If they survive that long!! LOL

Mum has also been making Cufflinks, ready for Father's Day so will be listing them on MISI as soon as I have the photos.

Well that's it for now, hope you all have fab bank holiday :o)

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