Sunday, 17 May 2009

Productive Day

Had a good day yesturday, got a few things done!!! For a change LOL

Took Mum shopping as her car was written off as she was hit but a lorry on the M4 a week or so back (she came out of it perfectly ok, which was something of a blessing). The car was taken away Friday :o(

We went to Hobbycraft for MORE beads! Ending up buying a Shaun the Sheep - Timmy (the new cute baby) knitting kit. It's for my son who will be 4 at the end of this month and REALLY and I mean REALLY loves Timmy Time on CBebbies!! I had been looking on E-bay for bits for him, and this kit was about the same price minus the p&p.

So back home we went and made 5 pairs of cuffinks which will go on MISI for father's day, once the pics have been e-mailed over from my brother. 3 pairs of dolly mixtures earrings, which mum hopes to sell today to her friends. And 2 glass bead bracelets, 1 pink and 1 blue. Made from the ones that were bought in Hobbycraft.

Will post pics as soon as they arrive in my inbox. (Fingers crossed it will be today!)

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