Sunday, 3 May 2009

Welcome :o)

Welcome to our new blog spot, please forgive us if it's not too good LOL we are sure it will get better in time!!!!

Suppose we had better start with a background.

Sue designs and makes all our items. Sarah does the techno part!! ie the website and now THIS!!!!

The jewellery all started out with Sue's middle daughter wanting new and different jewellery to wear with different outfits. Then items were given as presents and now with the website we hope to bring our jewellery to a wider group of people.

The range started with silver plated charm bracelets. Then grew onto earrings, bag charms, mobile phone charms. Then the stretchy bracelets were started, with a few hic-ups along the way!! How do you keep a knot from slipping position on elastic??!!?? Eventually we found it was GLUE!!!!! LOL

Said middle daughter then found liquorice allsort jewellery and HAD TO HAVE some more bracelets!!! So we sourced a fab lady on E-bay who made and sold the beads. So then the "sweetie" range was born.

Then came a call for necklaces, so they were added to the collection. As were sets of bracelets and matching earrings. And then necklaces and matching earrings.

AGAIN said middle daughter started perparing for her Art A-level exam, and wanting food charms. Back on the net again and came across a very talented lady who makes food charms out of fimo. Therefore adding to the range!!

Hopefully all this info hasn't put you to sleep and that you come back and visit us again soon!!

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