Sunday, 31 May 2009

Great things a person can do with fimo!!!!!

4 sets of pendents and earrings. All made from fimo. Would love to say that they were made by mum's fair hands, but we can't take the credit this time. These fimo items were made by a lovely lady who is REALLY clever with fimo (we did try and got into a right old mess, so gave up and hunted high and low for someone really special!)

For Sale

Here are 2 more examples of the "sweetie" beads and what can be made from them :o)

Just thought!!!! I don't think its mentioned anywhere. All items that I have posted pics of, on this blog are for sale either on MISI or my website. LOL (shameless I know!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

2 New Glass Bracelets

2 new bracelets made with glass beads and other beads. Just though I would share them with you!!!! :o)

Friday, 22 May 2009

Stir Crazy!!!!

Had a quiet week, for a change! Mum has been going stir crazy as she's not been able to go any where far because she is still without a car, and it's got to a point now where she is going slightly mad!!!!

I took her the beads that came through the post, so she could start making bracelets and earrings out of them, so keep a look out for the new Welsh fimo bead bracelets coming soon!!

Half term is upon us and fingers crossed the weather will stay dry. Youngest will be having a birthday at the end of next week and we are off to Legoland!! If they survive that long!! LOL

Mum has also been making Cufflinks, ready for Father's Day so will be listing them on MISI as soon as I have the photos.

Well that's it for now, hope you all have fab bank holiday :o)

New Items

Two new items! Silver Plated MUMMY Charm Bracelet, with fimo flowers inbetween the letters. And a Silver Plated Cuff with 3 caboshons. 1 Black Agate ans 2 Snowflake obsidian.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

L M A O!!!!

Just re-read my post from this morning!!!! The photos that I just posted are not what was made yesturday!!!! The photos below is of 3 new items that will go on the website.

Oh well never mind!!!!!


New photos as promised :o) Fimo beads made by a VERY talented lady.

Productive Day

Had a good day yesturday, got a few things done!!! For a change LOL

Took Mum shopping as her car was written off as she was hit but a lorry on the M4 a week or so back (she came out of it perfectly ok, which was something of a blessing). The car was taken away Friday :o(

We went to Hobbycraft for MORE beads! Ending up buying a Shaun the Sheep - Timmy (the new cute baby) knitting kit. It's for my son who will be 4 at the end of this month and REALLY and I mean REALLY loves Timmy Time on CBebbies!! I had been looking on E-bay for bits for him, and this kit was about the same price minus the p&p.

So back home we went and made 5 pairs of cuffinks which will go on MISI for father's day, once the pics have been e-mailed over from my brother. 3 pairs of dolly mixtures earrings, which mum hopes to sell today to her friends. And 2 glass bead bracelets, 1 pink and 1 blue. Made from the ones that were bought in Hobbycraft.

Will post pics as soon as they arrive in my inbox. (Fingers crossed it will be today!)

Friday, 15 May 2009

At last!!!!

Finally got the pic of the new Dolly Mixture bracelet and earrings.

This particular set, went to work with my sister, for one of the girls she works with. The earrings were a freebie as she had waited so long for the bracelet (we had trouble sourcing these particular beads)

Not quite sure what is up with the colours in this pic, but the actual beads are more bright in colour. Orange, green, pink and lilac.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Mum's Birthday

It was mum's birthday (sue) on Saturday, so spent a lovely day with her shopping, and having a good look round the shops. We met middle daughter when she finished work. My 4 year old son insisted Nanny needed a party, so on the way home we popped into the supermarket and stocked up on food and bits and of course Birthday cake.

Middle daughter then cooked us all a lovely tea, I knew she was good for somethings!!

Sunday was spent on an endless round of washing, drying and ironing.

Monday morning, with both kids back in school! Son went to nursery with his homework of a worm, with feathers for hair, big eyes, a red pom-pom for his nose and a purple pipecleaner smile. The teachers loved it!!

Off out this afternoon for a meal, as it is my Aunty's birthday. She will be having one of our stretch "sweetie" bracelets in black and bronze. Which is in the pic above!! (wrote this then uploaded pic, expecting it to appear below, but appeared on top!! Never mind!)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Display at The Alton House Hotel

These 2 pics are of the display we have in the Alton House Hotel in Hampshire.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Dolly Mixture

Had a delivery today, of the long awaited for "Dolly Mixture" beads. The cubes are white with either an orange, green, pink or lilac top. With small tubes to match. Once made up they will be put on the "sweetie" page on the website.

Have to make a bracelet with these beads for a lady who works with middle daughter. She has been waiting weeks for it, as the beads were slow in arriving, so will make a free pair of earrings to go with it, as a "sorry it was so long" pressie!

Fingers crossed also, as we are waiting on an order for 20 dolly mixture bracelets. These are for my sister-in-law. To put in her daughter's party bags for her 1st birthday. Should have final colours and sizes by the end of this week :o)

New Items

Found some lovely little fimo flowers, which were bought and duely made into small pendants and dangle earrings for girls. Some lovely colours, which we hope to take with us to the local Scout and Guide Fete in July. Then we also had the idea to make studs out of them too. So they are now on order.

Had a lovely bank holiday weekend with the family. And kids went back to school yesturday!!! Finally some peace LOL.

Some items are now displayed in a posh hotel in Alton, Hampshire. All have prices on them (Which took me ages to do!) The hotel is called The Alton House Hotel in Normandy Street, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1DW. They do a great express lunch for just £5.95, it is a help yourself type menu, great for when you haven't much time. The hotel also does a great wedding package and has lovely gardens, for pictures and parties :o) Will put the pictures of the display on here very soon.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Welcome :o)

Welcome to our new blog spot, please forgive us if it's not too good LOL we are sure it will get better in time!!!!

Suppose we had better start with a background.

Sue designs and makes all our items. Sarah does the techno part!! ie the website and now THIS!!!!

The jewellery all started out with Sue's middle daughter wanting new and different jewellery to wear with different outfits. Then items were given as presents and now with the website we hope to bring our jewellery to a wider group of people.

The range started with silver plated charm bracelets. Then grew onto earrings, bag charms, mobile phone charms. Then the stretchy bracelets were started, with a few hic-ups along the way!! How do you keep a knot from slipping position on elastic??!!?? Eventually we found it was GLUE!!!!! LOL

Said middle daughter then found liquorice allsort jewellery and HAD TO HAVE some more bracelets!!! So we sourced a fab lady on E-bay who made and sold the beads. So then the "sweetie" range was born.

Then came a call for necklaces, so they were added to the collection. As were sets of bracelets and matching earrings. And then necklaces and matching earrings.

AGAIN said middle daughter started perparing for her Art A-level exam, and wanting food charms. Back on the net again and came across a very talented lady who makes food charms out of fimo. Therefore adding to the range!!

Hopefully all this info hasn't put you to sleep and that you come back and visit us again soon!!